The Benefits of Hiring a Career Coach (Infographic)

The benefits of hiring a Career Coach (infographic)

The Benefits of Hiring a Career Coach (Infographic)

Life, Business and Career Coaching are relatively new concepts in Ireland so its hard to explain the benefits to people, and I get asked a lot! However Coaching is well established in the US and this handy info-graph produced by The Life Coach Spotter highlights some the major benefits Coaching clients felt after Coaching including:

  • Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Achieving Personal Goals
  • Lowering Stress and Frustration levels
  • Improving Personal Relationship.

Have a quick look at the Infograph to see the different areas of your life that Coaching can work in, and some of the reported results experienced by clients. And as always if you’re interested in learning more about Coaching please feel free to get in touch


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