Website and General Disclaimers

Just so that there’s no confusion about what can happen when you consume my content, I’ve outlined some practicalities below. I aspire at all times to be 100% accurate in promoting anything and I am 100% honest in all my content.

I never endorse get-rich-quick schemes, overnight success stories or cutting corners. They never pay off in the long run. My content promotes understanding your circumstances and then developing manageable ways to make the small, incremental changes you need to make the change you want to see in your life.

General Blog Disclaimer

Firstly, I must point out everything here is my own and in absolutely no way shape or form represents or claims to represent anything to do with my employer. I do this in my spare time and it has nothing to do with my day job. That would be whack.

My website provides content which is for general information purposes only. The content of the website constitutes the opinions of the author, ie my own personal ideas and thoughts. The Blog author is not a certified expert, in anything.

It’s important that you never substitute information from this blog, or indeed any blog, in place of professional information obtained from a licensed medical, financial, and or other professional advisor.

The information on this website may be changed without notice. The information on the website and associated channels is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up-to-date at any time. The opinions expressed at or through the blog are the opinions of the individual author. Indeed the author reserves the right to change her opinions as well. Such is life.

No information found on my website or indeed through any of my social media channels or other forms of communication should be construed as personal or professional advice in any way.

I provide a number of materials and resources available for your use via my website. I endeavour at all times to ensure that these materials are correct and up to date, however you should always takes steps to double check that the information is correct yourself. For instance if you use an Excel sheet I have provided you should double check that all figures and totals are correct yourself before committing to them.

Financial Disclaimer

I do talk about money. Your earning and success potential is entirely dependent on you as the person, even by consuming my content. How well you succeed or how much money you save or earn, depends entirely on your own approach to achieving the results. It is also dependent on your own personal circumstances coming into the process such as your own knowledge, your skill set, your time commitment and your finances starting. All of these factors vary greatly according to individual so your results will be completely independent to you. You are responsible for your own actions in life.

When talking about money and finance, there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme and none of my ideas or techniques will ever promote as such. It’s not practical and nothing I ever write, create or say will suggest that money is ‘easy’. I cannot guarantee your result from using my ideas or techniques around your income or savings goals, or indeed any other financial goals you set.

There is no guarantee that you will earn any money or achieve any of the successes using the ideas and techniques that I discuss.

I am not a qualified professional financial advisor and I am not regulated by any overarching body such as the Central Bank of Ireland. I don’t sell any financial products or receive any payment or commission from any third parties.

I discuss the mindset of money and possible ways to manage your own budget and savings goals. I am in no way a wealth manager or financial expert, I do not provide personal investment advice. I am not a qualified or licensed investment advisor, accountant or tax advisor. If you require professional financial advice you should undertake your own research and consult with a licensed and professional financial advisor or accountant before making any investment decisions.

No information found on my website or indeed through any of my social media channels or other forms of communication should be construed as personal investment or professional financial advice in any way.

Review Disclaimer

All of the opinions shared by me through Sharon and any of my associated channels, are my own, and are under no influence from any external or third parties. #notaninfluencer

If I do happen to review a product or service, then the review will be honest, brutally so, and all views entirely my own. It will also be clearly marked as being a commissioned review. Any information I do share will have been based on my own experience using it, or what I have heard, seen or read about the product or service from my clients or other people directly.

Contact Disclaimer

I do try my best to respond to all messages but it is not always possible for me to do so. If I’m busy I may not be able to respond to your message but I’ll try because I’m sound like that.

Prepared by: Sharon Hughes

Date of Review: 8th April 2020

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