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I love talking about things that make my life more simple, or streamlined. Products or processes that help me live my life an easier way.

I also love to develop worksheets and resources to help people work on their own systems in their own time. And I thought, why not share them?

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The Dream Life Budget Calculator: A super simple cheat sheet for you to work the exact amount of cash you need to sail off into the sunset…

My Colouring Goals Worksheets: A gorgeous set of four worksheets that you can print off and use at home. They come in units of 10, 20, 50 and 100, so no matter how big your goal, theres a sheet to suit you. Set your goal, pop the sheet on the fridge and get colouring!

Simple Budget Planner: A simple worksheet to help you work out your monthly expenditure allowing for your weekly, monthly and annual costs. If you’re looking to make a start on taking control of your finances, she’s your woman!

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