Knowing your own Enough

Recently I worked with a client who was really stressing out because no matter how hard she worked she didn't feel she was doing enough in her life. Enough career stuff, enough social stuff, enough life stuff. This comes up with people I work with a lot, and it has a surprisingly simple cure. You see the problem is usually not doing enough; the problem is usually the definition of enough. Todays post is going to look at one simple way you can stop comparing yourself to others and accept your own 'enough'.

In December 2016 I was invited by the DIT Mental Health Society to give a talk to their members around the issue of Anxiety. Anxiety is the most common Mental Health issue in Ireland, in conjunction with Depression. European Health officials estimate 1 in 9 people will suffer from Anxiety at some point in their lives. In America they estimate that 18% of the population will have issues. Theres no way of ever actually knowing the real figure, as in most cases, the issue is never reported. Most people choose to struggle on on their own. Its a pretty big issue and young adults are especially at risk.

A few months ago I was invited to take part in an article about the importance of developing a great work wardrobe while carving out your perfect career. I spoke with Leona MacDaid, from Maven46 magazine ,and we chatted about lots of wardrobe and career related issues including:
  • The importance of interview dressing
  • The balance between style and functionality
  • Dressing for starting in a new job
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