Dream Life Budget Calculator

One of the first things I try to establish around money with a new client is a Dream Life Budget. The Dream Life Budget is what I call the actual, physical, amount it would cost for them to live the life they'd love to live. Today I'm going to talk about what the Dream Life Budget is, why its important, and I've also included a handy cheat sheet for working out your own Dream Life Budget.

I was giving a workshop on Career Development last week and the issue of Personal Branding came up. Everyone in the room understood the concept of branding, but knowing where to start building a Personal Brand wasn't as clear. So today I'm going to give 5 pointers on how you can build your Personal Brand.

What is the most important element of an interview? I’ve done lots of interviews in my time and I have been both sides of the table. People think the answer is very complex but its not. The most important element of an interview is ‘Overall Fit’. It is your scoring in Overall Fit that will often win or lose an interview. This is one of the main reasons internal candidates do so well in interviews. Its because the panel are very sure of their current fit in an organisation.
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