Why you should go on a Retreat

'What would you like for your birthday?', he asked, and quick as a flash I replied: 'Two days off!' And I knew exactly how to use them. What was my plan? EP with the huns? Weekend away with the girlos? Romantic weekend away? Not a bit of it. I had a plan alright, a solid plan to hole myself up in a hotel room for 48 hours and do nothing. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Time for a Personal Retreat. And I'm here today to tell you its time you did the same!

Over the years I have tried many different ways to get fit and while some of them worked for me, a lot of ways didn’t. I eventually came up with what I called the ‘Unit System’ and it works for me. Its a very simple system and I assumed lots of people did similar, but after talking to some friends and clients I realised it wasn’t as used as I thought. So today I am sharing my simple 5-step system for keeping fit.

For something a little different today I will be doing a post reviewing the Dyson Hair Dryer. The Dyson claimed to dry hair in a fraction of the time without damaging hair, so it had my interest, but at a cost of circa €400 I wasn't going running to get one. Reviewing an expensive hairdryer might not seem relevant to Life and Career Coaching but it is.
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