Dyson Hair Dryer Review

Dyson Hair Dryer Review

For something a little different today I will be doing a post reviewing the Dyson Hair Dryer. The Dyson claimed to dry hair in a fraction of the time without damaging hair, so it had my interest, but at a cost of circa €400 I wasn’t going running to get one. Reviewing an expensive hairdryer might not seem relevant to Life and Career Coaching but it is.

What does a Hair Dryer have to do with Coaching?

Firstly, having the money mindset to spend money on expensive products that are useful is important, and secondly, understanding the value of your own time and how you organise your life is key to a satisfied life. I’m of the opinion that if it makes my life easier and saves me time then its a great Life investment for me. So I will be posting reviews of products that save me time and energy so today, my Hair Dryer!

Whats the fascination with the Dyson?

I have incredibly thick hair so I really wanted to hear all about the Dyson when it came out. I have had short hair in the past, but I find it much easier to manage when its long, but the drying and styling is a challenge. It only came out in 2016 and I read every review I could find, but it was difficult getting the information.

Firstly, most of the reviews were from influencers, journalists and bloggers, so hardly unbiased. I am sure they mean well but paying €400 for something makes me a harsher critic than when I get it for free.

Secondly, none of the reviewers I saw have hair as thick as mine. A few had long hair, I have thick hair.

Anyway I eventually hummed and hawed so much Mr Shaz bought me one for Christmas so now I know for myself.

The results

I will never own another hair dryer again. Its a game changer for me.

At the start it took me about 14 minutes from soaking wet to bone dry hair. Another 7 minutes to ‘polish’ it off and I had hair that looked relatively well styled, from soaking wet, in less than 22 minutes.

To achieve similar without the Dyson would take me 40-45 minutes, and those were the times I was bothered.

Dyson Hair Dryer Review

Soaking wet hair

13 minutes of drying

7 minutes of ‘smoothing’







The baby was just a year old, and sleeping was pretty much my favourite thing to do. I absolutely lost count the amount of times I fell asleep with wet hair, and went to work the next day with a fluff ball. The money alone was worth it for the 30 minutes extra sleep.

Hair Condition

I have dark hair so if its not in good condition it shows, but the Dyson leaves its smooth and very healthy. I haven’t had to use my straighteners once since I got them in 7 months so that add to the condition of my hair. I’m getting longer between trims as well so I would definitely say the condition of my hair has been improved.

Whats it like to use?


Its really light and much more balanced near the handle than a traditional hair dryer so very easy to handle to style. I’ve never used the diffuser nozzle so I don’t know much about that. I was switching between the ‘drying’ nozzle and slightly slimmer ‘styling’ nozzle but now I pretty much use the drying nozzle all the time.

The noise? Well its certainly no louder than any other hairdryer I’ve ever used but its not as quiet as the advertising had led me to believe.

What hairbrush do you use with it?

I did buy a good soft bristle, round, metal vented brush but to be honest I went back to my Denman style brush pretty quickly. I’m sure theres some hairdresser cringing reading that, but they’re the only hairbrushes that work for me.

What about now?

Its a really hot summer and I’m trying to get in shape so my hair needed a really good thinning. It was very heavy and I felt I had a lot of left over hair from pregnancy. I convinced my hair dresser to just go at it with the thinning scissors, another hair dressers no-no I know, I know! Anyway I have about 2/3 of the hair I had before and it feels amazing. Yesterday I did my hair, well enough to go to an event. From wet to styled took 14 minutes. This is unbelievable for me!

Is it worth the money?

The value of the Dyson Hair Dryer

A lot of bloggers with short or thin hair said it wasn’t, but as a person with very thick hair it absolutely is.

Every time I wash my hair I am saving 20 minutes styling it. If I save this say three times a week, thats 1 hour a week. In a year thats 52 hours. Thats over a weeks work and easily covers the cost.

I am also able to go longer between trims because my hair is in much better shape. It won’t be immediate but over time that will save some money.

But asides from the money its worth it for myself. No matter how tired I am, I can always manage 15 minutes to get a decent shape on my hair. Having my hair look good enough for work no matter how exhausted I am,  thats worth it to me.

Should you buy it?

It absolutely depends on the length and thickness of your hair. It has been a game changer for me and worth every penny. Also assuming it will last a few years I think its worth the initial investment for the time its saved me as well as the confidence I’ve gotten back.

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