Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve heard of the Japanese system of Kon Mari for tidying up and keeping your space clear. But you may not have heard of the Japanese system for managing your money in a similar way, its know as...

Today I've done a wee post on getting started with your Personal Budget. These are some of the steps that I take when I'm getting ready to update my money plan for the coming year. I like to talk about money. A lot. I think its...

I've spoken on the matter of money, by accident, a number of times now. It was never something I felt I was qualified or experienced enough to talk about. I'm not a financial advisor, and I don't have any formal academic qualifications in money, but...

For something a little different today I will be doing a post reviewing the Dyson Hair Dryer. The Dyson claimed to dry hair in a fraction of the time without damaging hair, so it had my interest, but at a cost of circa €400 I wasn't going running to get one. Reviewing an expensive hairdryer might not seem relevant to Life and Career Coaching but it is.

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One of the things I like to talk to people about around money is a Dream Life Budget. The Dream Life Budget is what I call the actual, physical, amount it would cost for them to live the life they'd love to live. Today I'm going to talk about what the Dream Life Budget is, why its important, and how to do it.

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