Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve heard of the Japanese system of Kon Mari for tidying up and keeping your space clear. But you may not have heard of the Japanese system for managing your money in a similar way, its know as...

In my recent newsletter I mentioned that I was just finished my Winter hibernation and I got a few questions/comments/giggles about it so here a post about Hibernation: Why I believe it's not just for Bears, but for People as well. And why I recommend...

Today I've done a wee post on getting started with your Personal Budget. These are some of the steps that I take when I'm getting ready to update my money plan for the coming year. I like to talk about money. A lot. I think its...

As you may be aware I love books. LOVE EM! Reading is always the first thing to go when I get busy, but I do have some tricks for staying on track. Today I’m going to tell you my tips for keeping Reading in my...

I've spoken on the matter of money, by accident, a number of times now. It was never something I felt I was qualified or experienced enough to talk about. I'm not a financial advisor, and I don't have any formal academic qualifications in money, but...

Recently I did a talk at a seminar to a number of people responsible for HR in their organisations. I closed my section with a challenge to the room, which was this: On return to your office, take the time to send someone, an individual email...

I have a confession to make: I am a hoarder. Slight correction would be that I was a hoarder. I have recovered now I'm happy to say. I have spent the last three years learning how to live without clutter, and more importantly stay decluttered....

We’re just around the corner from Christmas and straight after that comes January and of course your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Before the deluge on ‘How to change your life’ begins, I would like to suggest a radical idea. Before you ‘start’ your new year, take...

Every couple of weeks I see the same question come up in forums I'm on, or I get asked the question: Should I hire a Coach and What should I look for in a Coach? Unfortunately, Coaching is not a regulated industry, which means anyone can claim to be a Coach. This makes it so much harder to choose a Coach so today I am covering who should hire a Coach and more importantly, HOW to find a Coach thats right for you.

'What would you like for your birthday?', he asked, and quick as a flash I replied: 'Two days off!' And I knew exactly how to use them. What was my plan? EP with the huns? Weekend away with the girlos? Romantic weekend away? Not a bit of it. I had a plan alright, a solid plan to hole myself up in a hotel room for 48 hours and do nothing. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Time for a Personal Retreat. And I'm here today to tell you its time you did the same!

Over the years I have tried many different ways to get fit and while some of them worked for me, a lot of ways didn’t. I eventually came up with what I called the ‘Unit System’ and it works for me. Its a very simple system and I assumed lots of people did similar, but after talking to some friends and clients I realised it wasn’t as used as I thought. So today I am sharing my simple 5-step system for keeping fit.

For something a little different today I will be doing a post reviewing the Dyson Hair Dryer. The Dyson claimed to dry hair in a fraction of the time without damaging hair, so it had my interest, but at a cost of circa €400 I wasn't going running to get one. Reviewing an expensive hairdryer might not seem relevant to Life and Career Coaching but it is.

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One of the things I like to talk to people about around money is a Dream Life Budget. The Dream Life Budget is what I call the actual, physical, amount it would cost for them to live the life they'd love to live. Today I'm going to talk about what the Dream Life Budget is, why its important, and how to do it.

Recently I worked with a client who was really stressing out because no matter how hard she worked she didn't feel she was doing enough in her life. Enough career stuff, enough social stuff, enough life stuff. This comes up with people I work with a lot, and it has a surprisingly simple cure. You see the problem is usually not doing enough; the problem is usually the definition of enough. Todays post is going to look at one simple way you can stop comparing yourself to others and accept your own 'enough'.

In December 2016 I was invited by the DIT Mental Health Society to give a talk to their members around the issue of Anxiety. Anxiety is the most common Mental Health issue in Ireland, in conjunction with Depression. European Health officials estimate 1 in 9 people will suffer from Anxiety at some point in their lives. In America they estimate that 18% of the population will have issues. Theres no way of ever actually knowing the real figure, as in most cases, the issue is never reported. Most people choose to struggle on on their own. Its a pretty big issue and young adults are especially at risk.

A few months ago I was invited to take part in an article about the importance of developing a great work wardrobe while carving out your perfect career. I spoke with Leona MacDaid, from Maven46 magazine ,and we chatted about lots of wardrobe and career related issues including:
  • The importance of interview dressing
  • The balance between style and functionality
  • Dressing for starting in a new job

I get as caught up in the idea of a 'fresh start' as much as anyone and over the years I have used new years as a great kick start to start some great new habits. I quit smoking at New Years 2009, I quit drinking 2010, 2011 I gave up Facebook... but ultimately the 1st of January is just another day. Resolutions, while fun, can often leave us feeling disappointed and frustrated that we didn't magically turn into better people overnight. Its still nice to do something though so here are a few alternative options for ways to mark the beginning of a new year!

Working in Career Coaching, the Side Hustle has often been the solution to seemingly insurmountable career hurdles for my clients, but its still a relatively unused practice. I am a HUGE fan of the Side Hustle, so I’d like to properly introduce you to the concept and if you have a big idea you'd like to try, maybe it could work for you.

Ever since I trained as a Coach in 2012, the most common question I am asked is; 'What exactly is Coaching?', so I thought I would write a post on what it is and what it means to me as a Coach. Life Coaching is a practice that has been very popular in America over the last number of years and has become increasingly popular here. Career Coaching is a branch of Coaching that deals specifically with all aspect of professional and career planning.

On the 6th of January 2016 it was 7 years since I quit smoking. I've thought about writing this post numerous times, but as a previously hardcore smoker there was always that niggling fear that I wasn't quite quit yet. I’ve passed that point now and wanted to share my quit story.
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