About Sharon

Hello there! My name is Sharon and thank you for visiting my blog.

About me

This blog is my own creative outlet because I enjoy writing. I am interested in lots of different things so I write about whatever takes my fancy. I write about my own lifestyle experiences. DIY, up-cycling, limited parenting experience, gardening, self-care and whatever else crosses my mind. I have a theory of trying everything once before I rule it out, or in as the case may be.

I am absolutely passionate about work-life balance. My goal in life is to define and design the perfect balance for my family and me, and I spend a lot of my free time exploring theories and systems for supporting this. You could say I’m on a mission!

I try to be environmentally conscious so I love anything thats good for the environment. I love time outdoors and ways to re-cycle and re-use things in a fun way. I am a bit of a hippy so if I can find a natural way to do things I’ll give it a shot, particualrly around health and home.

I believe Personal Development is the key to Professional Development, (and vice versa actually), and so I particularly enjoy events that focus on self-management strategies. Topics such as Developing Leadership Skills, Public Speaking, Self-Managing Anxiety and of course, Money!

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my dog, my partner and my child, . I work full-time so I blog about different ways I manage that. I tweet and insta @SharonHughesIre.

Professional Background

I am the C.E.O. of a not-for-profit organisation based in Dublin. My background is in the Events and Communications Industries.

I am a fully qualified Life, Business and Career Coach and I work with women from a variety of backgrounds often around Career Confidence building and developing a solid career plan for those ‘next steps’.

I enjoy working with women to re-assess their personal relationships with money. Issues around salary expectations, wage negotiations and pricing are hugely important but traditionally women don’t talk about these things. I do.

As a working mother, I am passionate about helping people build systems to establish a realistic work-life balance. Having it all is probably a myth, but I believe you can still have most of it!

I am a Certified Trainer and member of the Teaching Council of Ireland. I design and deliver workshops on a variety of topics in the areas of professional and personal development. My training style is dynamic, energetic and inclusive.

I am always interested in new people and opportunities so if you have something you would like to share please email sharon (@) sharonhughes.ie


Sharon Hughes Coach

Coaching is still an emerging industry in Ireland but growing fast. I wrote a detailed post on what Coaching entails HERE.

Coaching is amazing and personally I believe everyone should have their own Coach. If you are interested in getting Coaching, I wrote a post on how to choose a Coach HERE which outlines some of the things you should look out for to make sure you have the best Coaching experience possible.

I am not currently taking any new Coaching clients at this time.



I provide training for a number of organisations and I’ve had the great privilege of working with some fabulous people over the year. If you need support, I can work with you to identify a need, design and deliver a workshop and evaluate the event. I am always happy to hear from new people

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