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My name is Sharon and welcome to my blog!

I live in Dublin. Northside specifically for very obvious reasons, such as it is the best side. By day I am involved in a gorgeous project supporting leaders in the nonprofit sector and by evening I am a parent, partner, dog-servant, painter, student, feminist and friend.

They‘ say when you start a blog you should find something really niche to write about. I’m afraid I did try, but there are far too many interesting things in the world for me to stick to just one. So what you’ll find here is a veritable hodge-podge of all the things that interest me including:


This one is probably what brought you here.

I come from a family of menders and fixers but in 2019 I took an actual up-cycling class. It escalated very quickly from there.

I would describe my style as NEON-house-acid-ravey-but-cute.

Its pretty bright and I should have shares in the rustoleum neon range by now. Oh to be an influencer

I call this one 'Demure'
Patio Refresh
Coffee Table
A 30 year old chair my dad made
Coffee table with wallpaper top
No, YOU can't handle the truth

Feminism and Other Social Issues

Don’t worry I will get back to painting.

For now to say I am a committed inter-sectional feminist and active citizen.

I want the world to be sounder and I believe I have to be a part of that change. For instance my Commitment to Saying Thank You.

So Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, Make Grá the Law, Theres no Planet B and all of the other good things.


Didn’t I promise I’d get back to painting!

Once I started painting the furniture I needed pretty rooms to put it in.

In 2021, a photo of my newly up-cycled and decorated kitchen went viral with over 3 million engagements, thats a blog post on its own. This is the picture.

I believe in surrounding myself with things and rooms I adore, and I don’t believe it needs to cost, re-purposing what you have is the easiest way.

Them Unicorns aren't cheap


Yes that filthy, horrible, taboo subject! I am on a one-woman mission to get women talking about and feeling good about money. For years women have been discouraged from having and growing wealth. It’s time to change that.

If we want a better future the truth is, we need to BUY IT.

If you’d like to read more on my money thoughts try Why your Money Mindset MattersHow much would your Dream Life Cost? or Getting Prepared for your Budget Series. This last one is a three-part series, for pre to post-personal-budget planning

Personal Growth

Like many women I subscribed hard to the HUSTLE mentality, until it almost brought me down. 6 years ago I was unfit, unhealthy and struggling with anxiety.

I made a decision to try anything once and to change how I looked at life and it has been a phenomenal journey.

I make SELFISH decisions, (boundaries), I do SELFISH things, (self-care), and I make SELFISH purchases, (fitness, self-care and education).

I hope you are sensing how absolutely and totally over the word SELFISH I am.

If you’d like to read more try, Why you need a ME-treat, (spoiler this one was controversial), My experience in a Floatation Tank and also Hibernation, not just for bears.

Selfishly eating a creme egg while hubs works out because balance people
Speaking Event with the Wheel in 2019

Professional Growth

I’ve been lucky to have had some amazing mentors and cheerleaders in my own career. I am first-generation University graduate so I needed these extra supports and I am so privileged I was able to access them.

But women are still not at the boardroom table when it comes to career moves and I am committed to sharing whatever knowledge I can that might help some else.

Some past posts include Simple ways to build your Personal Brand5 tips to give the best presentation ever, How to find a Career Mentor and my own favourite, Tips to Apply for a TEDx Speaker . Spoiler alert, everyone has a TED talk in them in my opinion!

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