Sharon Hughes, Life Coach & Career Coach Dublin, Ireland

I’m obsessed with achieving the perfect work life balance for me, and I want to retire when I’m 50; not to be rich but so I can spend time doing the things I love.

I work with people who know that theres more, they just can’t see what. We find out what more is, then we make a plan. Its my favourite thing to do

Sharon Hughes Coach

One-to-One Coaching

I have been practising Coaching since 2012. I started off as a Life Coach, then I trained as a Career Coach and most recently I talk about money a lot.

So it doesn’t really matter what your issue is, all you need to know is I’m really good at picking apart a problem. And I’m also really good at working on a plan.

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Sharon Presenting


I have been delivering Training and Workshops in one form or another for over ten-years now.

I help tailor bespoke sessions for organisations as well as designing workshops based on feedback I get from working with my Coaching Clients.

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Speaking and Panels

I’ve been invited to speak by a number of organisations to their members and staff. I’ve spoken on a variety of topics I’m interested in including Coaching, Managing Anxiety, Engaging Volunteers, Work-Life Balance to name a few; as well as engaging in panel discussions.

If you have an event coming up and you are wondering if I might be a good fit, here is some feedback from people I have worked with.

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My Blog

This blog is my own creative outlet because I enjoy writing. I am interested in lots of different things so I write about whatever takes my fancy.

I write about my own lifestyle experiences. DIY, up-cycling, limited parenting experience, gardening, self-care and whatever else crosses my mind.

I have a theory of trying everything once before I rule it out, or in, as the case may be.

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